Lost and Lonely Leftovers

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Permalink My friend Erika sent me this and said, “I saw this sad, cast away lollipop with leaves stuck to it and thought of your blog!”
I think she meant, “I thought of how you could use this on your blog,” but of course I took it as, “I thought of how sad, cast away, and leaf-ridden your blog is.”
Permalink My friend Kim sent this to me and called it “pick-a-mix”.  I was like, “Pardon me?”  And she was like, “Duh.  That’s what you call candy you buy by the pound.”  And I was like, “Ooooooh, you mean bulk candy.”
And she was like, “No, no, I do not.”
Permalink In honor of my trip to California at the end of the week, here’s a lost and lonely leftover from last year’s stop in Santa Monica.
I wonder if these birds have any idea that this wasn’t technically lost at all or if their little peabrains can’t distinguish between food they had to fight for and food that’s thrown at them for human amusement.  Or not even amusement but, like, human pathetic-attempt-at-companionship.
But I like feeding the birds as much as the next gal.  
Permalink My longtime blogfriend caropal lives in Chicago and experiences a lot of the same train and bus trauma I do every day living in NYC.  So it’s not surprising that her world was shattered–shattered, I tell you–when she came upon this doughnut dumped in a corner of the el.  (Or do you guys say “L”?  I don’t know how Chicago trains work.)
I like the idea that some suit was riding into work with his breakfast, couldn’t prolong his gratification anymore, and had to free his O of dough from its bag right at the door to the train.  At that precise moment, the conductor obviously hit the brakes for a track-crossing goat (because while I don’t know much about Chicago transit, I know a lot about their wandering native goat herds), the doughnut was dropped, and the suit threw his bag down in frustration.
Permalink I’ve been writing lately about this particular seat on the bus and the wonderful little table that’s formed next to it by the housing for the bus’s wheel.  Well, I sat down in that seat the other day and found this little treasure waiting for me.
Hair and all.
Permalink Found on the floor of my office, bounced from a tray of more-beautiful strawberries. 
Note the hair wound around the nubs of the blackberry.  That’s likely the only thing that kept me from employing the 5-second rule on these babies.
Permalink During my first trip to Disneyland last fall, my friends and I stopped to rest on a bench like the elderly people we are and almost sat in this.
Isn’t it such a lovely reminder of summer?  Although there’s something to be said for frozen Kit Kats.
Permalink My co-worker, friend, roommate, and landlord, Jack, spotted this photo on a friend’s Facebook gallery and stole it for me.
You almost feel like some animal welfarist purposely set the slice down in front of the pigeon to help him deal with the cold winter day, right?  These are the things that warm my heart.
Permalink My Australian friend Aaron is finding so many Lost and Lonely Leftovers he’s threatening to start his own blog, Loster and Lonelier Leftovers.  I don’t think it would ever gain the acclaim mine has, though, since loster sounds too much like lobster, and no one wants lobster leftovers.
This latest picture was taken at the ferry terminal in Manly (Manly!), Sydney, and of course none of the hehe-look-how-stereotypically-they’re-dressed passers-by noticed it.  Well, except maybe one person, because there looks to be a single … skid mark? … beside the cone, running through the drippy melted remains.  
Evidently Austrialian unicycle riders brake for dropped cones.
Permalink My friend Alison just left NYC to move back to her much-beloved college town, but before she moved, she took this photo for me, which she called Farmer’s Market on the N Train.
I’m kind of partial to Beans and a Boot, but hers is a little more poetic.